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Self-governance meets creative control

The best of self-governance happens when users have the tools and the opportunity to be creative. Community Points is a new tool for creative control, allows users to have a voice in making important governance decisions, and being rewarded for contributing with content in the community.

Users earn Photon for contributing to Stellar subreddit through posting, commenting, and moderating. Each week, you earn Photon for contributions you made in the previous week.

Asset and distribution

Community Points used in /r/Stellar, named Photon, is a decentralized asset on Stellar blockchain that goes directly to your Stellar address. You own them, you control them!

Each week, 2 million Photon are distributed. The weekly breakdown (which community can change with governance polls) is:

  • 90% to contributors;
  • 5% to moderators;
  • 5% to the community fund.

Potential uses

In the subreddit, you can use Photon to buy and have temporary control of the subreddit banner, buy the Supporter Membership to enhance features, reward other community members, and vote in governance polls.

Out of the subreddit, you can trade Photon in the free markets, freely transfer it to any Stellar address, and use it in any merchant or service that recognizes the asset.

Governance polls

The magic of Reddit happens when users have a space to voice their opinion. This sense of ownership is what makes community polls a new important tool for governance decisions such as deciding on rules or styling.

Governance poll submission form
Governance poll submission form.
Governance poll for Community Points name
Governance poll to decide the name of the Community Points.

Everyone in the /r/Stellar community now has the ability to create and vote on governance polls. So that active contributors have a say in governance decisions proportional to their contributions to the subreddit, the amount of Photon you have corresponds to your voting power in the polls. You don’t spend Photon for voting in polls but they're used to weight your voting power. The more Photon, the more voting power.

Banner control

Anyone can buy the subreddit banner with Photon. Anyone who buys it sets the new price and other users can purchase it for that price. When someone buys the banner from you, the Photon will go to you.

The Hamburger Tax
Subreddit banner buying dialogue.

Are you familiar with the Harberger Taxation? The subreddit uses Hamburger Tax, it's very similar. The person who buys the subreddit banner pays a daily tax of 1% for keeping it, which will be burned. Set the price too high, the more you pay in tax. Too low, someone may buy it immediately. Be smart as you cannot refuse purchases from other people.

Supporter membership

The Supporter Membership is a set of exclusive features available to users who purchase a premium subscription to the subreddit. When you buy the Supporter Membership you pay it with Photon and you get:

  • Loyalty and Style Badges;
  • Up to 3 badges and color to your username;
  • Animated Emojis in comments;
  • Embed GIF directly in your comments;
  • Fund community giveaways.

Loyalty badges

Loyalty badge
New Supporter Goods or skins (Stone Age)
Loyalty badge
1-Month Supporter Shells (2000, B.C. Africa, Asia, Oceania)
Loyalty badge
3-Month Supporter Coins (600, B.C. Turkey)
Loyalty badge
6-Month Supporter Paper money (1024, China)
Loyalty badge
9-Month Supporter Credit Card (1950, New York)
Loyalty badge
1-Year Supporter Stellar (2014, San Francisco)

Show how long you’ve been supporting the subreddit. The loyalty badges are awarded to the community subscribers, from 1 month to 1 year. The loyalty badges uses a metaphor to create a narrative that shows the evolution of value transfer.

Style badges

User badge
User badge
User badge
User badge
Don't Panic!
User badge
User badge
User badge
User badge
User badge
User badge
User badge

Stand out with style badges! These are bought with Photon and can be used to express your feelings, to remind others of certain nuances, or to show you're part of a social group.

Opting out

Out of respect for your privacy, everyone has the opportunity to opt-out if they would like. You can opt-out of appearing in future distributions.

And with that... Have some fun!! Now, the power is in your hands to shape the community however you’d like.